Thursday, January 5, 2012



First of all, congrates for all my friends for their superb result!!!!

Me??? Argh, not good enough but I promise I’ll try more harder and harder to get better result..

Kind of weird when I feel like I want to write smthing…

I just want to share tht I miss my him already!!!!

I just cant resist to say tht..the truth!!!

Everytime I look smthing tht reminds me of him, I made myself cry..

Thts what we call reflex action…

Everytime I open new tab, his blog will appear…

I click it

I read it

And I cry again…

I miss him…



Al fatihah to him…

Dear Ilham: its hard for me to write ur name, I was so lucky for having u as my good friend ( thnk you Allah)

For everything u have done to me …Thank you so much!!!!

May Allah place u (dalam kalangan org yg beriman)

I really hope one day we will meet again….

Last but not least, I miss u olready

(im sorry, I could resist my tears,they easily fall)

Al-fatihah Mohd Illham Ellani bin Jamal

***drop again….

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