Friday, January 27, 2012

Pilih langit selain tanah…


Every wishes will not absolutely come true.. everyone knows tht..

So am I

Since I was young I keep my wishes..

When I was 7, my wishes

- I want to be a school prefect..because the attires. School prefect wear tie, and white colar T.

School prefect-glamour. (mission accompolished when I was 9.)

- study well untuk masuk kelas 6M (mission accomplished) I am ex member of 6M… J

-selalu berangan untuk kumpul duit banyak2 then spend the whole day at MCD makan double cheeseburger! (trust me, I am not going to eat DC for the whole day!)

- teringin untuk memegang mesin pengira wang. Waktu kecik2 dulu selalu main jual2 . paling best bila dapat jadi cashier…seronok sangat kalau dapat jadi cashier dalam reality .

- dream to further study at boarding school…and Alhamdulillah, I manage to go SESERI.. (it full with sweet memories being one of SESERIAN)

Last but not least,

My biggest dream when I was 17 which I failed to fulfill.

-study abroad.

But it is fine cause I know Allah plans something cool for me…

Someday I will go there and live well, study well…amin.

-life is not what u want is what u need.

Believe in ALLAH, He knows best.

** simpanlah impian setinngi langit, andai jatuh, biarlah sampai ke bintang bukan tanah.

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