Tuesday, March 11, 2014

normal thoughts


people talk..
they dont listen
they keep talking...
conclusion : mouth is created to talk, so people talk without knowing the truth...


missing an old friend is normal.
hoping that my old friend can listen to me  is normal.
it is abnormal if my old friend read this because he is no longer here..
it is abnormal if  i still hoping my old friend know deep down in my heart....

having problem is a part of our life journey...
people said, life without challenge is not fun
they dont realise that how terribble life would be
if you fail the challenges.


everything that occur, i do believe there must be a good reason behind.
dont blame others
cause it might be our mistake too..
take every lesson so that there is no repetition.

sincere : me
p/s : having mental breakdown is not easy to bring life back to normal.