Saturday, September 29, 2012



Finally, this is time to update this blog…
Events, activities, assignments…hectic life as a student. Its normal..
Just came back from camping.

Honestly, it was FANTASTIC camping after all..ok la ~~~~~
One thing I learn during camping was..

1) Everyone is not in a comfort zone…including me but still you have to think other people as well..
2) Because of the ‘zone’ statement , I think we need to have an extra inner strength
3) This is something I really agree and TAKE NOTE PEOPLE!!!  ‘mind your words, PLEASE~~’

Few things we actually feel that is a normal situation but actually it is an abnormal when it comes to human feelings.

Respect others so that people will respect you back..
I do belive that life is always fair..

And for few situations that I already faced it. Thank you Allah for giving those opportunities.

At the end of this lesson, I found that even though she/he is your friend, ‘WORDS’  always a best way to hurt people…

~sekadar berkongsi satu pengalaman/situasi yang sukar/susah untuk dilupakan/dimaafkan…

p/s: pesanan untuk diri sendiri juga

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