Saturday, August 28, 2010


How are we so "different"?
If "different" is just a thing.
If we all have certain features,
What does "different" bring?

People filled with hatred,
Can't possibly see,
That there's not really "differences"
Between you and me.

Looks can't show "difference",
If they're just there to be seen.
If you don't look like someone else,
Why are they so mean?

If being "different" is what is wrong,
I'd rather not be right.
And I'd want to finish living,
Doing the "different" fight.

by : vincen tabatha


IS it wrong to be a different from other person??
well i dont think so cause i love differences...
tht poem also describe how special being a different
maybe person who is difference feel uneasy when people
looking at them..
hey just chill! come on dont feel such uneasy feeling,
come on babe! it just a feel..
u should proud smtimes..
people looking at you..
care bout u..
dont u think so!

maybe u should think bout people around you..
wat i mean, person tht really close and sincere to be ur friend,
they love ur difference
thats what make u special and smtimes we should admit tht
special people with special abilities make us happy...
release our tension as well as we gonna miss it..
( simpan ni baik2)
truly deep in my heart,
a lot of things i want to write but
since elly is here,
i need to stop!
my laptop is not function well...
:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(
pleaseeee lappy!!!
sihat la cepat!!!
saya sangat rindu awak!

P:S/ : remember dont judge the book by its cover
love ur difference cause everything happens for a reason
be a grateful to ALLAH for making u a special person cause one day it will benefit you...
thanks to elly cause introduce this poem to me...

witth that, i , thank you and salam...

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